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We must all seek to provide innovative solutions to meet the challenges that we face now

The challenges we face together

We have all become even more accustomed to using the internet for our daily activities. Buying online the goods that we need instead of the traditional trip to the local shopping centres and stores is a real bonus –and it enables us to support our health services as we all want to do.

How the internet can help you

Easy to use web ordering solutions will have a large part to play as the economy recovers – ensuring that your customers can order the products that they need and settle their account whilst minimising social contact will enable you to service their needs safely.

Get your business online now!

Deployable in days, these solution enable merchants with no existing e-commerce capabilities to start competing very quickly with those already trading online. Choose the best solution for your business – the team at KCS stand ready to deliver now!

Learn more about these exciting innovations

A standalone web solution that enables your business to sell online to consumers.

- Standalone B2C web trading platform
- Notification of all orders placed via email
- Rapid deployment model

K8 WebShop


A simple to use, but powerful solution to allow your trade customers to place orders
online and to settle their account.

- Integrated B2B web trading platform
- In built customer self-service/account payment
- Rapid deployment model

K8 WebTrade

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