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3 Benefits of Effective Distribution Management

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Managing your distribution centre efficiently requires a solution that can provide excellent stock control and process automation that improves accuracy and productivity. Achieve these benefits with an integrated solution:

Automated supply chain

Managing stock forms an integral part of your company’s supply chain, impacting stock turnover and inventory costs, product sales, and profits. Automating all such related tasks your employees perform, from goods receipts to dispatching, ensures an optimal flow to where all resources are used to their best advantage.

Optimum stock levels

An integrated solution is essential to manage capacity  and provide accurate visibility of inventory. Proper management of stock , the distribution and movement there of is crucial.

Controlling stock turnover becomes easier when your business has accurate information on stock levels to proceed with sales orders. Furthermore, a stock control functionality helps optimise stock levels at all times, reducing costs incurred by excess stock and maximising profitability.

Fast sales order processing

Systems connected with inventory and distribution can assist with goods receiving, order fulfillment, packing and shipping, helping to streamline the entire supply chain and enabling better customer service.

For example, linking all functionalities such as sales order processing and point-of-sale (POS) systems results in fast, accurate orders, and more efficient transactions, starting with the lodging of sales orders to shipping the stock out.

This all means that inventory is under control, all order receipts are ready for processing, and sales orders can be submitted timeously to enable fast product picking and dispatching.

Choosing an integrated solution that combines the operational and financial aspects of the business, contributes to maximising the productivity and efficiency of your supply chain.

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