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3 Critical Advantages of Distribution Software

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From production to delivery, using enterprise resource planning software that is specifically developed for the distribution industry offers many benefits for merchants in the distributive trade.

1. Supply chain visibility 

Distribution software allows businesses to have full visibility of every step in the distribution process: from warehouse through to inventory management, point of sale and product delivery. 

Without proper visibility into the supply chain, distributors face challenges with product flows and operational planning. Clear access to data allows distributors to identify inefficient processes, flag problems and implement the necessary changes.  

Real-time data for example assists in the prevention of various risk factors and improves forecasting, all of which has an effect on the distribution process. Another key benefit is tracking functionality as this can alert distributors about malfunctions, stock quality issues and inconsistencies in inventory and transactions.

Your ERP distribution software needs to provide a comprehensive view of all your supply chain operations and should improve trading performance with data-driven transactions.

2. Optimised deliveries 

With distribution software, businesses can improve the overall efficiency of their supply chain by streamlining and reduce the time between order and delivery. Distribution software helps your business adapt to the ever-changing market and helps businesses to remain competitive.

It also allows for orders to be planned, managed and delivered on time, improving upon the quality of the delivery processes and customer satisfaction. For example, real-time monitoring of stock and inventory management automation ensures items are delivered on time. Stock is quickly replenished for the next requested delivery.

3. Time management

When the distribution process runs efficiently, which includes more automation, companies save a substantial amount of time which allows businesses to focus on strategic decision-making, better customer service and improved marketing strategies.  

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