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3 Ways Cloud-Hosted Supply Chain Management Impacts Your Business

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In the distributive trade, supply chain management software helps your business operate at its maximum potential, leading to streamlined operations, reduced costs and increased profitability. Cloud-hosted solutions provide even more advantages.

  1. More automation, fewer operational costs 

Companies switch to cloud-hosted supply chain management solutions to benefit first-hand from the visible reduction in operational and back-office expenses due to increased automation. Often the manual work relates to sorting out shipment problems and duplication errors. Thanks to automation, your business can save a substantial amount of time and money by reducing shipping times and avoiding product returns. 

Cloud enables Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with ERP and financial systems to standardise and automate invoices and purchase orders, which are shared electronically to reduce costs. It’s simple: the more tasks get automated, the more processing costs decrease. 

  1. Integration across multiple platforms

Supply chains are becoming more sophisticated, and your business may find it hard to maintain consistency across the various elements that make up the distributive chain. Cloud-hosted software increases your business’s ability to integrate across multiple platforms. 

For example, your business can integrate an automated shipping platform with a warehouse management system to achieve significant decreases in duplications, delayed orders, shipping times and processing costs per order. The integration of supply chain systems with EDI streamlines the order fulfilment and shipping process by breaking down data silos and connecting to 3PL provider data across the distributive system. 

  1. Sustainable Scalability 

The advantage of cloud-hosted supply chain management software is that your business can quickly grow its processing capability and distribution with an entirely scalable solution. Therefore, your business can grow at a sustainable pace.

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