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4 Benefits of a Web-Based Payroll and HR System for your Business

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Managing a company’s payroll and a few basic HR needs, shouldn’t be a nightmare. It’s time to ditch the paper, streamline processes and go digital.

Adopting a web-based payroll system that includes basic HR functionality is not only the smart choice, but a secure and cost-effective choice as well. Here are four reasons why companies have  made the shift;

  1. Easy access for employees

It allows employees access to, ability to print current and past payslips. With a web-based system, employees can apply for leave online, making the entire process of applying and approving leave much easier for both employees and the business.

  1. Security

Security is and always has been an essential part of any company. Web-based payroll and HR systems are ideally suited to companies that have security as one of their main priorities. Information is protected on these web-based systems by logins and passwords with expiry dates. These ensure that the passwords protecting confidential company and employee information are continually changing, making them difficult to hack.

The web-based system allows for payslips to be emailed to employees. However, for the protection of the information contained in the payslip, those are also secured with a password.

For security reasons, all data changes on web-based systems are recorded, therefore ensuring that the business has a full history of all information as well as who accessed the data, what they did with it, and when. This system is not comparable to the security of the old filling cabinet systems as information can be easily stolen or go missing. More modern solutions eliminates these risks.

  1. Effortless integration

Switching to a new payroll system can be a nail-biting experience for businesses as many things can go wrong. However, when switching to a web-based system, no information loss or downtime will occur, giving businesses peace of mind. You could have a seamless integration in to your business.

Systems like these, can also be integrated with a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. This means that all data will automatically be passed between the two systems, avoiding any duplicate work and ensure that all aspects of the business can be connected.

  1. Easier reporting

Due to the nature of these systems, information can be added to the system at any given point, meaning there will be no delay in the delivery of the data. This makes it easier to compile reports, providing you with up-to-date and correct information. This also helps businesses to plan more relevant strategies as they have more reliable data.

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