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Facts about online based learning


Online based learning (e-Learning) is fast becoming a thriving industry in educational technology, with the number of companies using online learning, increasing every day.

e-Learning is designed to solve the challenges of traditional classroom-based training – delivering quality product / service training courses over the internet, bringing the classroom to you, at a time that best suits you, whether you want to improve your knowledge, develop or enhance a skill set or help train new starters.

e-Learning offers many benefits, below are some facts about eLearning and what it has to offer;

  • It’s highly cost-effective

Training costs are significantly reduced as courses are provided in an electronic format. These courses generally include all course material being provided in soft copy, while costs for travel, large facilities and equipment are further reduced as these are not required.

  • It’s customizable

Whether you are an employer, employee or manager, with e-learning you can often build a training course to meet your specific needs or choose from a range of courses, allowing you to customise your training programme. e-Learning fits in perfectly into any high-paced and dynamic business, often proving to be a fast medium of learning, enabling you to schedule your training as and when you need it and to focus on the skills development you require.

  • It’s convenient and flexible

e-Learning generally does not require drawn out registration processes and scheduled start dates. e-Learning combines training on demand with video and written material, allowing employees to learn at their own speed, while offering a flexible approach to schedule time for learning.

  • It’s measurable

e-Learning allows you to repeat exercises to ensure that you fully grasp the material, while measurable tests mean you can assess your own knowledge and progress. Managers and business owners also have full visibility of their employees’ progress at each stage.


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