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Essential Benefits of Integrated Merchant Software

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Running a builder’s and hardware store of any size requires an integrated business management system that can deal with the everyday specifics of such complex operations. Here are two reasons why integrated merchant software is a must.

Integrated functionality for all merchant stores

Consider the complexity of the inventory management, stock control, supply chain and distribution requirements of builders’ merchants. Your business can strongly benefit from a fully integrated financial, trading, and distribution software that keeps inventory data, transaction records and customer information easily accessible from one place. 

For example, if you are managing multiple branches and store locations, an integrated software solution is highly recommended to optimise stock control and operations. In contrast, relying on separate systems that often do not communicate with each other leads to poor data management and reduced operational efficiency. 

Your software should support your sales cycle from quotation to order placement, as well as to optimise stock, reduce inventory costs, and maximise the value of each transaction. A great advantage is to incorporate analysis and reporting tools based on all the available data – from the point of entry to the other system modules.

Customised and intelligent interface for your industry

The most significant advantage of integrated merchant software is the ability to manage different aspects of the business based on specific roles and areas of responsibility, with the added benefit of enforcing secured, authorised access to the relevant information.

For example, merchant software may display key performance indicators relevant to the business – such as overdue purchase orders, low stock availability or low margin sales alerts. The information presented may change depending on the user’s role – management or customer-facing staff, or per department or store location.

Merchant software should be highly customisable and flexible to meet the needs of the business and provide visibility to the KPIs relevant to your industry. 

Choose software that not only covers the day-to-day merchant functionality but also uses business intelligence to centralise data analytics and improve reporting for effective decision-making. 

With Kerridge Commercial Systems, builders and hardware merchants can rely on capable integrated software to become more profitable, efficient and successful. 

Contact us HERE to discuss an industry-tailored ERP or merchant software solution for your business. 

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