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Everything You Need to Know About Cloud-based ERP

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Businesses have been talking about cloud at the back-end of their ERP or business management software solutions for some time now. It has not only become a popular option to ensure the use of leading edge technology but many businesses consider it a ‘must have’ compared to the traditional on premise solutions. If on-premise solutions are still the way to go for your business, it’s still better than no ERP system but make sure you consider the hosted route in future. Cloud-hosted solutions are resilient, secure, and a cost-effective alternative to on-premise ERP systems.

You still don’t know what ERP actually is but everyone is talking about it?

ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning – a type of software used to control information and manage operational processes throughout your business. This could include anything from managing your stock to your accounting processes and everything in between.

So what is a Cloud-Based ERP then?

There are basically two routes you can implement an ERP system. Either on-premise on your own computers and servers or it can be hosted in the cloud on your software providers servers which you will then be able to access through apps or through web browsers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud ERP

  1. Business needs

Cloud systems are flexible and capable of catering to your  business needs as they continue to evolve and expand. Thus eliminating the inconveniences and stresses associated with your own hardware or server capacities and the likes.

  1. Cost

The cloud route also implies a Software as a Service (SaaS) route. A SaaS pricing model means no servers needs to be bought, maintained and supported and no capacity or upgrade issues are exprienced as the business changes and grows over time. Basically, with a cloud-hosted solution, your only costs are the SaaS costs and your own resources, as and when you need them.

  1. Security

If you choose the hosted route, you will also improve upon your security measures. Kerridge Commercial Systems for example would handle your data security, and our priority is to ensure that all systems are safeguarded against any risks to your data with various security controls generated by our Managed Services team who have extensive experience and knowledge in this regard. Additionally, a cloud hosted solution provides better management and guarantees surrounding data protection and data recovery.

  1. Choosing a system

Online trading and extensions of opening hours – needed for the convenience of your customers – means that a fully functioning IT department is required when you have an on-premise solution. This can be an additional resource cost to your company with regards to overtime and a potential loss due to an inoperable IT department  should you experience any internal issues. A cloud-hosted system avoids a majority those kinds of costs as well as any other potential issues.

Kerridge Commercial Systems partners with advanced Tier 3 operating data centers, exceeding the standards of provisions made for on-premise servers. Tier 3 data centers offer an array of power and connectivity termination provisions, extensive physical security facilities, and fire suppression. This solution far exceeds the services that normal businesses will be able to manage themselves internally.

The switch

If your business has a fully functioning infrastructure and server, the switch may seem unnecessary right now. However, when a system replacement or upgrade is due, then the switch to the cloud is a must.

Kerridge Commercial Systems strives to ensure that our customers make sound and informed technological decisions, as we believe that technology is fundamental to the success of a company in this day and age. Although striving for product excellence and delivering first-class support services are our highest customer-driven priorities, IT investment value is undoubtedly influenced by choosing the most appropriate infrastructure platform. For many, that future will be in the cloud. 

Contact us HERE to discuss a tailored Cloud ERP solution for your business.

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