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Have You Considered a Festive Pop-Up Shop?

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Fun, festive, and an easy way to make money, a festive season pop-up shop is one of the best ways in which to entice potential customers and boost sales. Whether you’re positioned at a trade show, a shopping centre, a strip mall, or a market, a pop-up shop is one of the best ways in which to promote new products, test out new markets, liquidate surplus stock, and increase your brand’s awareness.

Armed with equipped staff, your POS system, and a festive spirit, a pop-up shop might be the boost you need before your customers begin their year-end shopping. Have you considered a pop-up shop this festive season? Here are three reasons why you should:

1.    Grow your online brand

While an online store will always drive sales, a temporary pop-up store adds a human element to the shopping experience, and encourages your customers to experience your products before they purchase them. If you are looking to promote and grow your online brand, a pop-up store is one of the easiest ways in which to advertise your services and products. Simply create a banner ad for your website, and send out emails and SMS’ to your customer base to alert them to the details of your store. You will be surprised by how many of them turn up to support you.

2.    Get rid of surplus stock

Another great reason to open a pop-up store is to get rid of surplus stock. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on new stock, sell surplus stock at the pop-up store at a special rate. Not only will this help move the stock quickly, but it will also free up space for new and improved products. Regardless of whether you’re selling products or services, be sure to mark them down, sell them in bundles, or create special deals to ensure that customers won’t be able to resist them.

3.    Boost annual sales

One way in which to boost sales before wrapping up the year is through a pop-up store. Depending on the location and set-up, you can sell some of your weakest performing products and services for a premium price; all you need is a fool-proof marketing and positioning strategy. Take into consideration your marketing channels and increase interest through these channels to raise awareness of your store.

According to PopUp Republic, professional pop-up stores have generated approximately $10 billion in sales which gives a clear indication of how popular they have become. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your brand and boost sales – the festive season countdown has begun!

For more information on our products and services, click HERE to contact us today and speak to one of consultants on how we can assist with temporary tills to aid you in your pop-up store success.  

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