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Integrated ERP solution vs Multiple Systems

KCS SA - Blog - Integrated vs multipl

The debate of integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions vs. using multiple systems to manage various business operations have been raging for a long time.

The question remains, are integrated ERP solutions a better option than the alternative of multiple systems?

The benefits of integrated ERP solutions

More straightforward

It is much more straightforward to purchase one integrated system rather than buying multiple pieces of software.. This also means that purchasing an integrated ERP solution is more cost-effective.


Integrated ERP solutions can be tailored to your business, based on what you need but also according to your budget and it is scalable as you can enable certain functionality without having to implement additional systems.


An integrated system enables you to have greater control over your data and over your operational processes. This way, you also only need one system to be kept secure and login details and passwords only need to be maintained for one system rather than multiple systems.

Simpler system updates

Updates of all modules will occur simultaneously, therefore, ensuring that updates of the integrated solution are not time-consuming and cumbersome.

Operational process working together

All modules of integrated systems will be in-sync meaning all operational processes should be in-sync too. Data of your various business operations willbe more accurate and up-to-date, allowing everything to work together more seamlessly and business insights should be more useful.

Faster processing

Orders processed on an integrated ERP solution will be quicker and more reliable –improving on your customer’s experience.

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