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Keep Your On-Premise Servers Secure and in Good Health

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5 Daily Checks To Ensure A Healthy Server
Our experts are sharing some advice around best practices, offer pointers in terms of what to look out for as well as provide insights that could help.

Key Checks

1. Has the previous night's End of Day run, without error?

2. Are there any issues with disk space?

3. Are there any hardware/software alerts that require attention?
4. Is the system unlocked, for trade?
 5. Did the data backup finish successfully
General Security Checks - Ensure you have this in place
- Ensure you have back up in the event of a server crash
- Ensure you have a back up in the event of a server theft
- Ensure you have tested your server for fidelity
- Assess potential damage in the event of back up failures & plan ahead for such an event
Assess the full costs of on premise servers as there may be some hidden costs that you have not taken into account
Capital Costs
Such as server hardware, server software licensing, network infrastructure, storage and backup infrastructure
Operational Costs
Could include server hardware support, software support, network infrastructure support, storage warranty, data centre power and facilities, current system admin labor, IT training and IT staff turnover
Indirect Business Costs
Examples include unplanned downtime, planned downtime and business agility.

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