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Scale and Secure Retail Operations with Hosted ERP Software

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Retailers have many factors to consider when expanding their business operations. This includes the relevant upgrades of their current infrastructure and ERP solution’s in order to meet future demands while reducing the capital outlay to maintain profits.

From a software perspective, retailers need to make provisions for data storage requirements, network capacity, server configurations, additional operational performances, and so forth. 

A traditional on-premise ERP system have become non-negotiable for businesses today, but there are ways where cost and resources are less than what we have been used to in the past. Cloud-hosted software is becoming the norm, providing the much-needed system flexibility and scalability at a compelling price point.

Hosted ERP systems provides the expanding retailer with a multiple branch solution as well as the benefit of access to the necessary data from any location and office around the world. A hosted solution can substantially reduce costs for retailers with thousands of employees scattered worldwide. 

A user-friendly solution that is easy to configure, reduces the time and resources usually spent with training and upskilling staff, and the underlying hardware setup. 

Cloud-based technology can be implemented virtually anywhere, limiting or expanding the access to the system depending on data confidentiality. 

As the retail environment expands to include supply chain partners and other stakeholders, integrated ERP systems need to maintain excellent security and provide business decision-makers with more control over sensitive information.

While traditional systems become obsolete and can be prone to security risks, hosted software is more resilient to evolving cyber threats, including hacking and viruses. The hosted route means that security and network maintenance are outsourced to the cloud provider and updated regularly. 

A hosted ERP solution allows for frequent and automatic data backups, ensuring business continuity and reduces system downtime. Retailers can trade continuously in any circumstances, by recovering any data from the cloud as and when required. 

In conclusion, here are some advantages of hosted ERP software for the retail industry: 

  • Provides a securely managed platform for all critical retail systems
  • Enables instant 24/7 access to data from any location, branch or franchise
  • Minimises costs with complex IT infrastructure, maintenance and labour 
  • Streamlines, secures and automates retail data and processes 
  • Mitigates risks with on-premise systems and reduces system downtime 

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