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Stock Efficiently Ahead of the Holiday Season

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The holiday season usually brings a rush of orders and deliveries for retailers and e-commerce businesses. Managing the rush requires advanced stock control and inventory management, as well as a flexible solution that integrates well with your ERP system.

Take a look at how a specialist retail ERP solution can help you manage stock more efficiently:

Control Inventory Flow

Smooth and seamless inventory is a key expectation in the retail industry when preparing for the pre-holiday season. The key to efficient stock control is automation in order to minimise stock delays and ensure the store has enough stock to accommodate the expected increase in trading and demand.

It is essential to rely on ERP software that has integrated inventory management and stock control capable of real-time data analysis and process automation. The software should be able to quickly identify critical data such as low stock movement or available shelf space at any time.

Track and Trace

Managing your stock effectively relies on the ability to track stock movement from procurement to shipping. Product batch traceability is necessary to process recalls and minimise any errors that may occur during stock movement and delivery.

Ensure your ERP software includes tracking functionality for stock movement and that the information is easily accessible to employees and third-party distributors. Cloud-based software that can be accessed remotely is a great option to keep stock under control.

Right Stock at the Right Price

Efficient stock management provides employees with details about the origin, destination, shelf space and life cycle of the product. The more product data available in the system, the more accurate your space logistics management and planning will be. Retailers can also optimise stock placements and pricing based on the system data provided.

Cloud-based ERP solutions provide instant access to stock data and can be accessed from any device at any location. A specialist retail ERP solution makes inventory management and stock control quicker, easier, and more efficient all year round.

Contact us HERE to discuss a tailored retail ERP, stock control and inventory management solution for your business.

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