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Technological solutions that every CIO, IT or Business Manager needs to consider

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As we head towards the last quarter of 2020, some reflection often comes in to play. Looking back at the past year, we can certainly take away that adapting to change is a lesson to live by and the same goes for businesses.

Many have realised that they need to embrace a more modern and a more digital approach and that it may no longer be a nice to have but that it will need to become a reality. Manual methods, outdated software or traditional on-premise systems is still a big factor. In general we have come a long way though and an increase in the adoption of more innovative solutions or more modern technology can be seen as there has been many key drivers to this.

One such example is due to the reaching effects of Covid-19, which has had a big impact on businesses and on consumer behaviour.

Recent studies have shown that South Africa has seen a substantial increase in online shopping. Even traditional shoppers have made the change to online which has most certainly been driving more and more businesses to reconsider their options or risk falling behind the competition.

Here are some considerations for businesses as they plan for a new way forward:

Cloud-Based ERP

For some time now Cloud based ERPs have been growing in popularity due to the proven benefits it offers. From increased security and scalability to low cost and maintenance, cloud based solutions are a definite route to consider.


Ecommerce have become more important than ever since Covid-19 and its resulting lock down effects. Businesses who already offered ecommerce services as an option, definitely weathered the storm a bit better the last few months. If this has not been implemented yet, it’s time to have a serious look at the options as this will continue to become an expectation of customers. There are many cost effective and easy to implement solutions available for businesses.

Mobile Apps

With “going digital” comes innovations that support critical functions and operational processes. One such example is an electronic proof of delivery app. This integrates with the back end system, increases efficiencies, improves customer service and provides a more automated process for managing deliveries, customers and the accompanying paperwork and other relevant information.

Kerridge Commercial Systems offers fully integrated Cloud ERP, ecommerce and various other solutions like an electronic proof of delivery app. Click HERE to to see how this can help your business.

Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy

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