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The Importance of Real Time Information

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In the current global economic climate investing in anything is a risk, but with that being said; without risk their will be no reward and often no growth. Businesses need to understand the market, the economy and their competitors to ensure they remain efficient, optimize their processes and stay ahead of the curve.

Having a store or perhaps even a number of stores, offers no guarantees yet it poses many challenges. It is critical to keep up with the environment around us as well as to run our businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this day and age, it is no longer optional to not have an ERP or business management solution in place as it improves how businesses are run and ensures we don’t lag behind due to lengthy manual processes or because of outdated software. Selecting the right software however is not only important for the immediate requirements of the business but also for the long term.

If businesses don’t have the right software in place, it can be a make or break type of problem. For example, if businesses don’t understand their own inventory requirements or stock on hand, it usually means there is no real visibility or insights to be able to accurately control or manage the business or the customer’s requirements for that matter and they will just go elsewhere.  

To have that kind of visibility or insights, not only requires the right software but also real time information. It can highlight trending products, stock on hand and much more.

Within the retail sector, it is crucial for staff to be able to assist customers in an efficient and effective manner which again means access to real time information. Customer demands continue to rise and they want products available immediately.  Access to real time information on specific brands, colors, sizes or any other stock for that matter is very important and if staff cannot provide the information, you risk losing the customer.

Kerridge Commercial Systems is a leading ERP and business management solutions provider with software solutions tailored specifically to the Retail industry.  Industry specific solutions such as within the retail industry can be hugely beneficial. It means that your business management solution will cater to your business’ specific needs, enabling retailers to meet customer demands, watch for trends in terms of fast moving stock, keep an eye on stock availability, optimize and integrate all the various business processes and running your business as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

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