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Three Reasons to Invest in Machine and Equipment Hire Software

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Do you have complete visibility and transparency of your equipment hire orders, tool deliveries or machinery movement? Are you able to supervise the entire hire process from start to finish?

Here's why implementing an integrated asset management solution specifically tailored for machine, tool, plant and equipment hire can digitise, organise and simplify your business operations so you can focus on the bigger picture and run your business effortlessly.

  1. Manage the equipment hire process

Do you have a hard time keeping up with the booking and processing orders for machinery and equipment hire?

A fully capable integrated asset management solution automates and streamlines the most basic business operations, from quotations to orders and deliveries. No more wasted time on manual order taking!

When customers hire tools and equipment, the asset management solution will reduce the time needed to register, process and fulfill orders, collecting the data and dispatching the appropriate logistics.

Plus, an integrated and flexible software solution makes it easier to sync data across multiple devices and locations, so you can get a broad view of everything that happens in your business.

  1. Track and analyse hire data

When digitalising business operations, managing and tracking becomes easier. Asset management software allows tools, plant, equipment and machinery hire business models to better understand the ROI, life cycle, utilisation, depreciation and movement of their equipment, thus improving cash flow.

Besides, you can view the available data in real-time thanks to the use of customisable dashboards and analysis reports, which leads to faster decision-making.

  1. Stay connected with customers

The daily running of a hire business involves sales, deliveries, and follow-up inspections to name a few critical functions. However, the biggest asset of your hiring business is represented by its loyal customers. Improving customer service is critical for any hire business’ success.

Asset management software helps you achieve clear insights into customer behaviour via data analysis and reporting. It keeps the communication lines open with your clients, wherever they are located, so that you can act rapidly on requests, feedback and troubleshooting.

Gain complete control of asset management with Kerridge Commercial Systems' specialist plant, machine, equipment and tool hire solution. Learn more HERE.

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