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Yes, It’s Finally Time to Invest in an Industry-grade Cloud ERP System

KCS SA - Blog - Invest in Cloud ERP System

Post-Covid, the ability to manage your business’ operational processes remotely will become even more essential for the likes of retailers, merchants, distributors or wholesalers. Which is why adopting a cloud ERP system is more important than ever. 

A Cloud based ERP solution will provide businesses with more flexibility to operate remotely or to make any necessary changes or improvements, compared to the traditional or even manual operational methods. In this blog, we look at cloud ERP, what it is and why you should consider it for your business.

What is Cloud ERP?

As a business stakeholder, you've probably heard of ERP and the many benefits of implementing a cloud based ERP system. You may however still have many questions or perhaps some uncertainties as to what it really is and why you need it.

ERP or an Enterprise Resource Planning System, is a software solution that can help manage your business’ various operational processes. This includes everything from accounting to stock control, warehouse management and much more. The traditional systems were implemented on premise where as these days, there is an alternative option to host your ERP in the cloud.

There are many advantages and, dare we say, requirements to run businesses differently in the post-Covid era of remote working and digital collaboration.

Cloud ERP comes with the expected capabilities of your traditional business management platform but with all the data being hosted in the cloud. In a nutshell, your data storage is outsourced to the cloud instead of taking space on internal servers or on in-house hardware.

You can access your cloud ERP system immediately from any connected device and rapidly scale operations in volume or processing power, depending on business needs. This brings in more flexibility, convenience and choice for businesses to perform certain functions remotely or at any time.

Cost is always a significant factor in choosing capable ERP software. For growing operations, a cloud ERP platform reduces the longer term costs with additional hardware procurement, IT and server maintenance thus making operational and financial expenses more predictable.

Furthermore, built-in security defences and encrypted data transfer via the cloud ensure a secure environment for data management. Various add-on functionalities, on-demand capabilities and user based flexible payment plans render cloud ERP software a more attractive alternative to on-premise deployment.

Hosted ERP in the Cloud

Kerridge Commercial Systems has developed its own cloud infrastructure, designed to support a range of cloud computing services such as hosting and data storage, and service an extensive range of retailers, merchants, wholesalers, and distribution businesses.

Your business could either outsource its critical ERP infrastructure to the cloud or opt for a complete hosted solution: a cloud-first fully integrated business management solution, developed to meet stringent industry standards.

The system hosted in the cloud has the advantage of reduced costs, 24/7 secure data access, and system scalability that suits specific operational requirements.

Add on maintenance and disaster recovery, flexibility, scalability and the long term growth potential as well as the implementation of modern and digital business management systems to remain competitive, and quickly the uncertainties disappear and the benefits outweighs the rest.

The question is no longer around whether you need an ERP system but when you will need it and extending that to an industry specific solution. And any doubts around on premise or traditional systems may have diminished this year. Times have changed and it has become even more critical for distributors, wholesalers and retailers to run efficient and modern operations.

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