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5 Trends COVID-19 Accelerated for Enterprise Software Technology

Blog - COVID Trends

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has slowed some industries and rallied others to rethink their business and investment in technology or software solutions. Most enterprises prioritise the minimising of risks, aiming to become more efficient and cost-effective, especially in crisis mode. This is where ERP systems have become the star of the show and they have most certainly helped many businesses weather some of the most recent storms.

1. Optimised software spending
SaaS is quickly becoming the ERP route of choice. Businesses are choosing monthly or annual payments, they are outsourcing system support, upgrades and maintenance to a preferred provider and more. This way, the payment plan is easier to manage and to scale up or down, they eliminate other bigger upfront costs and they eliminate ongoing support or maintenance costs and expertise and rely on their software vendors to manage this on their behalf instead.

2. Hosted software vs On-Premise

Implementing the latest technology usually translates into some important decisions that needs to be made. One such decision is whether your software will be hosted by way of an on premise server or whether your will take the cloud hosted route.

There are still some businesses who are not ready for the cloud solution, in which case an on premise server still makes sense. In most cases however, businesses are opting for the cloud hosted route. This has become even more significant over the course of the last year. The benefits of a cloud hosted solution has become very evident and that won’t be changing any time soon, it will only grow in importance.

Enterprises are advised to go for the hosted option rather than on-premise servers as in most cases it is more cost effective, you eliminate security risks of on premise servers being damaged or disappearing as a result of theft in addition to having many other advantages . Choosing the hosted route is often more cost-effective, scalable, modern as it is digital and could help your business whether some unusual or unexpected storms to name a few.

3. Centralised software management

Organisations have adopted a centralised approach to software management, preferring complete and fully integrated solution vs multiple systems that serve different purposes or still operate in a silo type manner. Most are looking to consolidate their service providers instead of relying on various implementation partners and multiple software installations. Dealing with fewer service providers for implementation, maintenance and technical support, poses less risk, usually reduces costs and provides a more comprehensive view or insights.

4. Remote functionality

Through cloud computing, software technology supports the offsite workforce and remote working trend popularised by the pandemic. When employee safety and social distancing is paramount, preference is given to cloud ERP solutions, apps and web-based collaborative tools. Employees and management can access business systems from anywhere, at any time.

5. Third-party app integrations and add-ons

The possibility of seamless integration and upscaling a software platform has many benefits for enterprises exploring integrated capabilities in their ERP or business management solution, such as data analytics, BI, point-of-sale or other value-add functionality. This integration can be with proprietary add-on modules, third-party applications via API or FTP, or a combination of both.

Kerridge Commercial Systems supports their customers in their digital transformation journeys to ensure they are running their businesses on industry leading ERP or business management solutions so they remain competitive, productive and efficient. This usually means that you can run your business, in your way.

We provide specialist software, services and support to deliver fully integrated business management systems to trade, wholesale, distribution, retail and plant, tool and equipment hire businesses.

Find out more about Kerridge Commercial Systems' innovative solutions at

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