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Adopt the Latest Technology and Adapt Accordingly

adapt tech blog-1

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared for the unexpected or at least be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to whatever unusual events we may experience. Times have changed and we need to change too.

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Advantages of Cloud ERP

Advantages of cloud erp blog

ERP systems have evolved quite a bit over the years. There is no longer a question around whether an ERP system would be beneficial or even necessary for the modern day business. It has become an absolute necessity.

The question now is more based around what would best suit your business or industry and whether you are ready for a cloud hosted system or perhaps still opting for an on-premise server.

The Covid-19 pandemic have most certainly sped up the move towards digital transformation and that includes the adoption of cloud technology. This is especially relevant for those enterprises now moving towards the remote or hybrid working models or looking to increase productivity, or to lower operational costs or even to digitally transform to name a few.

Here’s how a cloud ERP system can make a difference:

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5 Trends COVID-19 Accelerated for Enterprise Software Technology

Blog - COVID Trends

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has slowed some industries and rallied others to rethink their business and investment in technology or software solutions. Most enterprises prioritise the minimising of risks, aiming to become more efficient and cost-effective, especially in crisis mode. This is where ERP systems have become the star of the show and they have most certainly helped many businesses weather some of the most recent storms.

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