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A word from our MD

Word from MD

It’s been a tough year and we have all been affected in some way but every cloud has a silver lining. During this time we have seen true leaders stand up and many inspirational stories, news and people. These remind us to keep focusing on the positives.

From a professional point of view, Kerridge Commercial Systems have worked hard to continue to support our customers tirelessly. We have released and enhanced solutions that will speed up digital transformation with various applications such as ePOD, our electronic proof of delivery app, or ePick, our app that allows you to reduce time spent on manually recording goods receipt, or eReceipt, our app enabling you to book in receipts from purchase orders, and then various product upgrades and enhancements to name a few. All to be able to provide our customers with the right tools to continue to operate or trade in an efficient and in a safe as possible way. This drive will continue and we look forward to releasing many new exciting enhancements.

With reference to the support the team has provided not only myself, but to each other and to our customers, as a small token of my appreciation, we have provided each of our colleagues across South Africa with a coffee voucher for a quick coffee break and to just take a bit of a breather, whilst supporting their local coffee shop at the same time.

The voucher is hopefully meaningful in two ways. One to just let my team know that I am thinking of them and secondly to support other local businesses who may be struggling during lockdown. It may sound like something small, but every little bit helps.

With that in mind, I’d like to encourage… no I’d like to challenge other businesses that can do the same, to do so. The gesture does not have to be big, but if we all do a little bit and stand together, it will hopefully go a long way.

We wish you all the best and lots of good health during these challenging times. Please stay safe.


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