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Brighter skies for cloud-based ERP systems

cloud erp

Some ideas are ahead of their time. For example, in 1891, William Morrison built the first-ever electric car. However, it took 117 years for the first legal road-worthy version to appear in the form of the Tesla Roadster. By contrast, technology has changed significantly over the last twenty to thirty years, and some ideas, like cloud-based solutions, get adopted at a much faster pace than others. And while that uptake has been slow in some industries, the change has been incredibly fast in most cases, especially since the onset of the global pandemic.

 First established in the late 1990s, cloud data centers (or DCs) allow companies to lease infrastructure and access resources or systems over the internet. Twenty years on, a report by the global research group, Synergy, which provides quarterly market tracking and segmentation data on IT and Cloud-related markets, shows the total spend on cloud services reached $178 billion in 2021. The market grew by 38% in Q4 alone.

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