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The Modern ERP Of Today

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Digital transformation has been a big topic for a long time now, but since the start of COVID 19, businesses have realised the urgency to adapt and to make those changes at a quicker pace.

ERP systems have become an integral part of digital transformation in the business environment of today. It pulls everything together and allows for greater automation, digitisation, modernisation and streamlined operational processes.

If you are not using an ERP system yet, it’s time to reconsider. And if you are using an ERP system, assess whether you are using the latest versions and industry related providers.

ERP Systems have however also changed with the times, in line with technological developments and consumer demands. Some of the developments that can be seen includes the user friendliness of the systems we see today - it’s become much easier to use. We also see traditional on premise systems rapidly migrating to the cloud as well as integrating with mobile applications and business intelligence tools.

Kerridge Commercial Systems have made available several mobile applications that simply integrates with its ERP system. These applications allow our customers to continue to streamline and digitise their operational processes.

An overview of some of our mobile applications:

ePod: Proof of delivery made easy! You can capture images at point of delivery and take signatures electronically. Another great feature with ePod is that you can send images to customers with their proof of delivery documents and let them know when their delivery is ready.

ePick: This easy-to-use mobile app guides users to bin locations in the most efficient ways. The picks are automatically made available on your mobile device and are ready to be invoiced.

eReceipt: Book in receipts from purchase orders quickly and efficiently and download details of the expected receipt. You can alert branch staff to issues straight away – create improved customer service opportunities!

Sales Portal: Empower your sales team to capture and record customer orders remotely. You have immediate access to customer, product and stock information. Sales teams can raise sales orders on customers' behalf and make orders available immediately for processing in K8.

Business Intelligence:

In addition to our mobile applications, we have partnered with Phocas, leading analytics software provider. This partnership enables our customers to easily integrate a BI tool with their Kerridge Commercial Systems ERP solution.

This integration makes it easier for wholesalers, distributors and merchants to access, analyse, report and share information held in their systems. This will be of enormous value to businesses as they gain access to user-friendly data insights for improved visibility and decision making, providing a competitive edge.

Contact us for more information on how our ERP Solution and the various mobile applications as well as the BI tool might be of use to your business. Don’t risk falling behind the competition, up your game with the latest technological developments to help you run your business more efficiently.

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