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2020 Review: Looking back on the past year…

KCS SA - Blog - 2020 Review

Reflecting back on this past year is an interesting thought. It's most certainly been a challenging year and we are probably all grateful that this year will soon be coming to an end.

Covid-19 appeared and that came with all sorts, both personally and professionally for most of us. We all had to find different ways of being, different ways of operating, different ways of running our businesses, different ways to shop and all the rest. That meant businesses had to adapt to more digital and modern ways.

Digital transformation has been a big topic for a long while now, but this year sped that up even more so and turned a big topic in to a big reality. Previously there were many big discussions around it, what it would require, who should or should not do it yet and so forth. This is now no longer a topic that is to be considered in terms of should you or should you not, but rather how soon.

With that in mind, Kerridge Commercial Systems realised a need for change and that we had to offer our customers the right tools to better equip their businesses for the new norm we found ourselves in.

We worked hard this year to do exactly that. We invest a great deal in R&D and are excited about the new solutions we are able to offer our customers. Please see below for some of our latest digital and mobile solutions to help your business digitalise and modernise its operations.

Digital and Mobile Solutions

Our latest digital and mobile solutions include:

  • Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) - manage all aspects of your delivery cycle, from initial planning and optimising the route through to loading vehicles and onward delivery to customers.
  • eReceipts - enables you to book receipts from purchase orders immediately into stock and manage any issues found.
  • IQ eSales - a mobile app that is designed to allow you to easily raise quotations and capture
    customer orders, whether in-store or remotely.
  • ePick -  a mobile app that ensures the accurate and efficient picking of stock in branch
  • eZAP - Automated supplier invoice processing that will save you time and money!
  • Online Trading SolutionsWe have a variety of online trading / ecommerce solutions available to help our customers further extend their service offering.
Contact us HERE to further explore how some of these solutions might help your business gear up for the new norm.

Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy, Distribution

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