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2020 Review: Looking back on the past year…

KCS SA - Blog - 2020 Review

Reflecting back on this past year is an interesting thought. It's most certainly been a challenging year and we are probably all grateful that this year will soon be coming to an end.

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Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy, Distribution

Introducing inspHire Software for Crane Hire

KCS SA - Blog - Insphire Software for Crane hire

The hire industry have grown immensely as the need for improved asset management and greater control of the entire hire process have become more prevalent. Kerridge Commercial Systems acquired inspHire about two years ago in order to provide our customers with a much needed hire and asset management solution.

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Tags: software, Distribution, rental, hiring

5 Must-know Trends in Distribution Management

KCS SA - Blog - Must know trend for Distribution Management

Many things have changed this past year… some business ideas were scrapped, some items came to light, other things were put off and then aspects like the need to implement ERP software or business management systems were accelerated.

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Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy, Distribution

Supply Chain Security

KCS SA - Blog - ERP Supply Chain Security

Supply chains are vulnerable to a variety of threats which can range from physical to cybersecurity. The physical threats are perhaps the most obvious of the two as it involves things like theft, loss, damage or errors.

Cybercrime threats to supply chain software have been on the rise due to the evolution of technology and the advancement of internet services.

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Tags: ERP, Stock Control, Distribution

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