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Hindsight is the Best sight

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The real trick in life is to turn hindsight into foresight that reveals insight – Robin Sharma

Keeping up with industry trends is critical for the businesses of today as it helps customers stay relevant and helps them keep up with the changing times. New delivery models, new technologies and process automations are some of the key trends to keep an eye on and to keep up with.

Given that the role of distributors and wholesalers revolve around making the flow of goods from production place to consumption place, it’s exceptionally important for the full supply chain cycle to run as efficiently as possible.

Supply Chain Management requires meticulous attention to detail and that is why good ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) systems designed with industry specific modules will better enable the flow of industry related activities as required.

Kerridge Commercial Systems offer a comprehensive ERP system, designed and developed specifically for Distributors and Wholesalers. This ERP system can help Distributive type businesses optimise their supply chains and keep them running efficiently, without any interruptions.

Warehouse and Inventory Management is an important component in this process, and our system offers exceptional functionality around optimising, controlling and automating key processes in the inventory management cycle. This starts right from the moment the inventory is required, enters the facility and is sold, becomes obsolete, is consumed, or moved to another place and everything in between.

These types of systems can help Distributors streamline critical operational functions and can be managed from one single platform. The one system approach helps decrease human error, provides greater transparencies between departments, creates error free picking and enables you to provide more realistic delivery dates to your customers, which will in turn reduce customer complaints and improve your overall customer service offering and much more.

Our software will ensure your stock levels don’t become compromised i.e. Carrying too much stock which effects your cash flow or running out of stock especially when customer demands are at an all-time high and when tough competition lurks around every corner. We can help you improve on your inventory management which will lead to an array of improvements across the business including happier and more empowered staff and ultimately an improved experience for the customer at the front end. All of this contributes to an improvement in the overall management of the warehouse which is critical in the distributive trade business.

Herewith some key benefits of a good industry specific ERP system for distributors in need of good warehouse management:

  • Optimises the flow through your warehouse, ensuring operatives are guided through the task on the most efficient route
  • Cross dock, ensuring a fast turnaround of goods that need to be despatched to the customer when received
  • Better manages the capacity of your warehouse and ensures accurate visibility of all inventory at all times
  • Automates processes such as goods receipt, putaway, replenishment, stock movement, pick and stock counts
  • Deploys hand-held technology in your busy warehouse to improve efficiencies and reduce errors

Additionally, Kerridge Commercial Systems have launched several mobile applications that simply integrates with their industry specific ERP system. These mobile applications can streamline the whole process even more so. Using modern technology such as an ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) App or a Picking (ePick) or Receipting (eReceipt) App will provide you with even more efficient processes and a leading edge offering to your customers.

Ask yourself the question – Does your Warehouse Operation need improvement? Are you keeping up with customer demands and tough competition? Contact Kerridge Commercial Systems today for more information on our ERP or business management solution to help you improve on your Distributive or Wholesale operations.

Find out more about Kerridge Commercial Systems' innovative solutions at

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