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Supply Chain Security

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Supply chains are vulnerable to a variety of threats which can range from physical to cybersecurity. The physical threats are perhaps the most obvious of the two as it involves things like theft, loss, damage or errors.

Cybercrime threats to supply chain software have been on the rise due to the evolution of technology and the advancement of internet services.

Due to these kinds of threats, it is very important to have the right systems with the appropriate security measures in place. Industry specific solutions are very helpful in this instance as it understands the challenges and will usually meet the relevant requirements.

What is supply chain security?

Supply chain security focuses on minimising the risk for supply chains, which includes risks to logistics and transport aspects of the supply chains.

How to ensure the security of your supply chain.

Besides having a proper system in place, ensure that it is up to date and works for your industry.  Additional measures to support the security of your business:

1) Review your internal and external security

Organisations need to review their internal security as well as the infrastructures of your vendors and partners. This is critical as when it comes to cybersecurity, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Therefore, businesses have to make sure to invest with a vendor that deems the security of the customers software as a high priority.

2) Establish security guidelines – in writing

Organisations need to ensure that suppliers adhere to guidelines and protocols that will minimise the risk of these cyber attacks. By providing guidelines and protocols, vendors and suppliers will be required to provide regular updates of any internal incidents. They will also have to provide reports to support their security status.

3) Train your employees

The training of employees on how the software operates, as well as the security procedures, is exceptionally underrated within businesses. The level of training of employees on security procedures can make or break your overall supply chain security. This is also critical as the leading cause of security breaches is human error. Therefore, training staff members in security best practices helps to lower the rate of human error within your supply chain.

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