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Introducing inspHire Software for Crane Hire

KCS SA - Blog - Insphire Software for Crane hire

The hire industry have grown immensely as the need for improved asset management and greater control of the entire hire process have become more prevalent. Kerridge Commercial Systems acquired inspHire about two years ago in order to provide our customers with a much needed hire and asset management solution.

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Tags: software, Distribution, rental, hiring

The Notable Benefits of KPI Reporting Tools

ERP Software KPI Reporting Tools

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of a business by looking specifically at employees and departments in meeting key business objectives for performance.

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Tags: ERP, software, Reporting, Tools

Business intelligence allows for more informed business decisions

KCS SA - Blog - ERP BI software for informed decisions

Business Intelligence (BI) has long surpassed being merely a buzzword and has become critical for businesses as it provides insights in to your business in an organised and useful manner allowing for more informed decision making. Software, such as ERP systems, is used to provide business analytics, data mining, data tools, data visualisation, infrastructure and so forth, which then transforms that information into useful insights in to your business that is beneficial for decision making and planning. These insights can be used to contribute to an organizations' strategic and tactical business decisions by providing the user with reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps of detailed intelligence about the functioning of their business.

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Tags: Business Intelligence, ERP, software

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