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Take Customer Service Offering To New Heights

customer service offering

Customer service can often be seen as a term that is loosely thrown around but it has truly become something that is critical to the success of any business. The options of providers and variety of products and services are vast, which means it’s a very competitive market and if you don’t deliver your products and services in a way that is deemed ‘exceptional’, your customers will simply go elsewhere.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP, Customer Service, ePOD, ePick, Mobile Apps, digitise

Are you keeping up with the latest requirements in the Retail sector?

retail sector

If the past year is an indication of things to come - or of the changes that seems to be taking effect since the start of COVID-19, then retailers will most certainly need to adapt as well. One thing is for sure, our business or retail management tools will need to follow suit. Modernising and digitising processes is a key part of those requirements. To keep up with the retail industry’s demands and customer expectations, sleek, efficient and modern customer service will be expected. That means upping your game on the customer’s shopping experience.

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Tags: E-Commerce, software, Customer Service, retail, Digital Solution, retail software, automating data management

5 Ways To Optimise Retail Software

retail blog

Software is no longer the exclusive domain of large-scale enterprises. With technology constantly advancing, a new generation of software solutions has come in to play. Retailers of any size can now leverage this evolution. Here are five points to keep in mind:

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Tags: software, Customer Service, retail, cloud hosting, retail software, efficiency

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