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Feeling overwhelmed by 2019? Are you using the right technology to lighten the load?

KCS SA - Blog - Feeling Overwhelmed by 2019 Image

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at work when your task list is never-ending, your clients have a perpetual stream of requests, and there is no end to the emails in your inbox. This is particularly true for business leaders who are constantly trying to make their businesses grow, while staying afloat of their own admin tasks and interpersonal relationships. Overwhelming stress can lead to a number of risks, health included, and can jeopardise an organisation in a variety of ways. However, with elevated stress levels whilst it’s only April, it might be time to consider the various tools that are available. Specially designed to mitigate stress and help alleviate business leaders of some of their more mundane tasks, tools like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can make the world of difference. Let’s take a look: 

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Unleash the Power of Data to make more Informed Commercial Decisions

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Historically, the value of a business focussed mostly on the health of the most recent balance sheet. Essentially accountants could, at a glance, determine asset strengths and liability weaknesses, then offer an informed viewpoint as to what actions were needed to improve things. Nothing wrong with that. As a process of its time, this worked fine.

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What we have learnt from load-shedding and how prepared retailers are in South Africa?

KCS SA - Loadshedding and Retailers Image 2

From load-shedding to labour strikes, living in South Africa poses a number of challenges for retailers. However, as our social climate changes, we adapt to new ways of doing business. Lately, South Africa has been struck with more waves of load-shedding, effecting everything from the traffic lights to mobile phone reception. How do retail outlets mitigate these risks ahead of time, and still operate as usual? The answer lies in accurate offline trading that allows a continued, high-quality customer experience, secure tracking of transactions, and ensures the safety of data on re-connection.

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Retail Challenges: Could Replacing Your POS System Help?

KCS SA - Blog - Retail Challenges 2

If you run a retail business, there is no denying the fact that you are accustomed to a variety of challenges. However, with a high-quality POS system, you can mitigate these challenges and turn them into opportunities for improvement. Let’s take a look at what challenges retailers face, and how you could get better manage these challenges.

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Are your Stock and Distribution Management Processes Competitive Enough?

KCS SA - Blog - Stock and Distribution Processes 2

In the highly-competitive retail industry, it is important to always ensure that your processes are optimised, efficient, and competitive. After all, it is one way in which to ensure that your business remains the first choice for your customers, and at the top of its game.

When it comes to retail management, automated stock and distribution processes are paramount to success. If your business still exists in a space where manual stock and distribution processes are the standard, you need to consider a serious – and possibly life changing – upgrade in the way that your business operates. Not only will it give you the edge on your competitors, but it will also ensure that you are improving your business in real time. Here is how to determine whether or not your automated stock and distribution processes are competitive enough for you to stay ahead of the curve:

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Three Challenges Faced by Distributors

KCS SA - Blog - Three Challenges Faced by Distributors Image

Distributors within the retail sector, require a fair amount of business planning in order to thrive and not just survive. With a variety of challenges facing the industry as a whole, Distributors require business solutions that will allow them to grow and adapt to the needs of the industry, their customers, and their ever-fluctuating peaks and troughs of the economy.

When it comes to retail management, the best way in which to ensure success – or part thereof – is to invest in an effective system to streamline processes to save time and enable a set up that is more organised, allows for more automation and that can deal with change. This comes in the form of a high-quality ERP software solution that boasts various capabilities that provide solutions to the diverse range of challenges that Distributors may face. Here we have the five most common challenges faced by distributors:  

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The 101 on Retail Management

The 101 on retail management.

Contrary to popular belief, retail management is not a simple job that allows customers to be right all the time. Instead, retail management can determine whether or not a retail business closes its door; whether or not it retains its staff; and whether or not the business is able to keep up with its competitors. However, when hiring for retail management positions, business leaders can often overlook the essential management basics that determines successes or failures. In an effort to ensure that the doors to your organisation remain open, we share the 101 on retail management:

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Skills for Effective Retail Management

Skills for effective retail management.

The retail industry, the world over, is a tough vertical that often needs refinement in terms of management due to the fast-paced change that occurs within short periods of time. Very often, the success of a retail outlet lies in the capabilities of the management team. If you are looking to improve your retail business, it might be time to review and improve upon your management skills. Here are the most important skills for effective retail management:  

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Key Features to Look for in Your Next ERP

Key features to look for in your next ERP.

There is no denying the fact that data makes the world go ‘round and managing your business’ data and various parts of information in a transparent, organised, integrated and effective manner is key. One of the best ways to ensure that you are part of it is to invest in a reliable and high-quality ERP solution. However, as various data components become more important, it is important to consider a solution that can future-proof your business as opposed to leaving you disappointed. While selecting the right ERP solution for your business can be overwhelming, it is important to choose a system that suits your business. Here are five keys features to look for when making your decision:

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Top ERP Features that Help Engage Millennial Users

Top ERP features that help engage millenial users.

The first generation to grow up with uninterrupted access to technology and information are the Millennials. Millennials are perceived as a tough market to understand which often translates into the workplace. Employers are not sure how to navigate the needs of millennial employees or might not be ready for such changes yet, which can lead to unnecessary confrontation and resentment. So, how does an organisation meet the needs of the millennial target group? When it comes to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), we’ve got a few tips to share. If you’re looking to engage millennial users, here are the top ERP features that will help you achieve this:

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