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How you are setting your business up for success in 2020?

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With the New Year already in full swing, we may not have all our ducks in a row just yet. It is not too late though. There is still time to ask the tough questions about what you can do better in the year that lies ahead, assess what sets your business apart from your competitors or how you are setting your business up for success in 2020. Many businesses will consider these questions, potentially adjust their existing processes or perhaps review costs, whereas others might look at investing in new accounting and business management software solutions such as an ERP system.

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The Retail ERP Functionality You Need in 2020

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Future-proof your retail business with a top-class high-quality ERP solution that keeps your operations integrated, well-organised, efficient and transparent. Here is some key functionality you should rely on to remain competitive in 2020 and beyond.

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Key Benefits of Warehouse Management Software

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Warehouse management is a critical aspect of any distribution business. Implementing a warehouse management solution improves stock allocation, inventory control and workforce management, leading to a better relationship with both suppliers and customers. Here are just a few key benefits:

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Digitise Supply Chain with EDI Software

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Moving from manual and outdated processes to automated solutions for the distributive market requires the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software that enables the rapid exchange of data between trading partners. 

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3 Ways Cloud-Hosted Supply Chain Management Impacts Your Business

KCS SA - Blog - 3 ways cloud hosted supply chain impacts your business banner

In the distributive trade, supply chain management software helps your business operate at its maximum potential, leading to streamlined operations, reduced costs and increased profitability. Cloud-hosted solutions provide even more advantages.

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The Konnect19 Customer Roadshow: How are you enabling your business to stay current?

KCS SA - Blog - Konnect19 Customer Roadshow banner

Throwback to conference... We recently conducted a series of roadshows across various regions in South Africa. This means we travel to several different regions and host an event in each region. Customers attend and we share updates on what’s new, what’s coming, share any changes and much more. We end the day by enjoying lunch together.

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Scale and Secure Retail Operations with Hosted ERP Software

KCS SA - Blog - Scale and Secure retail with hosted erp banner image

Retailers have many factors to consider when expanding their business operations. This includes the relevant upgrades of their current infrastructure and ERP solution’s in order to meet future demands while reducing the capital outlay to maintain profits.

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Are You Relying on Business Intelligence to help you Make Decisions?

KCS SA - Blog - Are You Relying on Business Intelligence to help you Make Decisions banner image

If you have taken the necessary steps to centralise and secure all your data with a commercial ERP or business management solution, analysing and assessing the information becomes crucial to understanding what the data indicates and to make more informed decisions. 

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Build an Agile Business with Supply Chain Management Software

KCS SA - Blog - Build an Agile Business with Supply Chain Management Software banner

Fast-moving markets, customer expectations and lightning quick deliveries demands an agile supply chain model. It requires modern supply chain management software that can manage multiple business systems and quickly adapt to industry changes. 

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3 Critical Advantages of Distribution Software

KCS SA - Blog - advantages of distribution software banner image

From production to delivery, using enterprise resource planning software that is specifically developed for the distribution industry offers many benefits for merchants in the distributive trade.

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