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Why Invest in Retail Software

KCS SA - Blog - why invest in retail software banner

Covid-19 has had a massive effect on nearly all industries, including retailers. During lockdown, many retailers were not able to trade which they will probably take a long time to recover from and it may even have changed the way in which they need to run their businesses to some degree. These changes are however not just relevant to the retailers themselves, but also to their customers’ and their buying behaviors.

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Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy, eCommerce

Why Should I Choose an ERP Specific to My Industry?

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Running a business is not a small feat. You have to think about every aspect of your business, from employment to finances to technology and more. That’s why choosing to use an Enterprise Resource Planning system, or ERP, is a smart idea that benefits both you and your business.
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Tags: ERP, Industry Specific

Trade Profitably and Safely during the Pandemic

KCS SA - Blog - Trade profitably and safely during Covid

Businesses have been left with little option but to adapt to the 'new norm' that's arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is why at KCS we have focused our efforts on giving our customers access to solutions and methodologies that can quickly help them prepare for these challenges.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP

SaaS: What it is and why you need it

KCS SA - Blog - What is SaaS software banner

It's fair to say that 2020 has created some unusual trading conditions for businesses. However, companies using SaaS have weathered the storm better than most - is it time you joined them?

Software as a Service - or SaaS as it's more commonly known - uses a licensing and distribution model to provide software applications via the internet. This means they can be accessed from anywhere with a suitable connection, delivering the flexibility and accessibility that on-site, server-based systems are unable to offer.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP

Dare you let your Software Manage your Purchasing?

KCS SA - Blog - Software manages Purchasing Stock

Mark Steggall, Head of Product Management at Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), explains the benefits of using a computer system with a flexible, integrated forecasting and purchasing module.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP

Are you at Risk with your On-Premise ERP System?

KCS SA - Blog - Risk On-Premise ERP Cloud Sofware

Traditional on-premise ERP solutions have come a long way. Most businesses know by now that they should have an ERP system in place, for various reasons, including greater automation, streamlined operational processes, a more digital approach and more business insights and intelligence.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP

Don't be Restrained by your ERP

KCS SA - Blog - Dont be Restrained by your ERP

Tony Pey, Head of Product Marketing at Kerridge Commercial Systems, examines how the role of an ERP system is changing. It’s still the engine that drives a business - but today merchants need to choose even more wisely to ensure their system not only delivers the functionality they need now and in the future, but that it can also co-exist in the new technology landscape.

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Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy, Digital

Disrupted Disruption

KCS SA - Blog - Digital ERP Covid Disrupted Processes

With everything going on, it seems the world is in a very strange place and there has been a lot of disruption. There appeared to have been plenty of disruptions even before Covid 19 with constant changes, technological developments, politics, economics and the continuous rise in consumer demands to name a few. Never thought we’d experience this kind of disruption in 2020 though… it seems so surreal.

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Tags: ERP, Digital Strategy, Digital

The Notable Benefits of KPI Reporting Tools

ERP Software KPI Reporting Tools

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of a business by looking specifically at employees and departments in meeting key business objectives for performance.

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Tags: ERP, software, Reporting, Tools

Supply Chain Security

KCS SA - Blog - ERP Supply Chain Security

Supply chains are vulnerable to a variety of threats which can range from physical to cybersecurity. The physical threats are perhaps the most obvious of the two as it involves things like theft, loss, damage or errors.

Cybercrime threats to supply chain software have been on the rise due to the evolution of technology and the advancement of internet services.

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Tags: ERP, Stock Control, Distribution

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