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Is Your Business Running on the Latest Technology?

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Do you keep up with customer expectations, track what your competition’s doing and check whether your business management system’s functionality and performance are on par and keeping up with the times? If your software does not meet current technology demands, it’s time to reconsider your options to modernise and digitise your operational processes.

Businesses need to assess whether they need to implement a new industry related ERP, Retail or Business Management Solution that uses the latest technology or perhaps whether an upgrade to the latest version of their current systems will be sufficient.

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Tags: ERP, Digital, Technology, Digital Solution

The Modern ERP Of Today

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Digital transformation has been a big topic for a long time now, but since the start of COVID 19, businesses have realised the urgency to adapt and to make those changes at a quicker pace.

ERP systems have become an integral part of digital transformation in the business environment of today. It pulls everything together and allows for greater automation, digitisation, modernisation and streamlined operational processes.

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Tags: ERP, ePOD, Digital, Sales Portal, Phocas, BI, ePick, Mobile Apps, eReceipt, Digital Solution

Payroll Trends To Look Out For

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2020 has most likely forever reshaped the way in which we work and that includes the way in which businesses engage with their employees. Payroll software has always been important but even more so in these unusual times. It can help automate more of the people related processes as well as help ensure we keep up with the changing times. A few key points to keep in mind:

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Tags: ERP, Payroll, Web-based access solutions, Payroll Software

How Technology Boosts Supply Chain Management

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In all industries, the performance of supply chains are intrinsic to operational and financial success. To improve supply chain management, look no further than the implementation of technology-driven solutions and its benefits.

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Tags: ERP, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and stock management, Technology

Equipment and Machinery - The Pros of Hiring Equipment vs Owning

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Hiring plant, tools, machinery or equipment often provides better value than purchasing it outright. Here are five reasons why it makes sense.

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Tags: Plant and Tool, cloud, inspHire, equipment and machinery, hire, SaaS

Empower Your Business with the Right Hire Software

inspHire Blog

Do you have complete visibility & control of your entire hire process?

Join our free webinar which includes an overview as well as a detailed demonstration to learn more  about inspHire.

The hire management solution of choice that can help plant, tool and equipment hire businesses, crane hire businesses and more.

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Tags: online demo, rental management, workshop management, hire software, inspHire, asset management, logistics management

Empower Your Business with Company-Wide Analytics

KCS SA - Blog - Phocas Webinar

Business Intelligence for Kerridge Commercial Systems' Customers

Understanding more of your data can help you to increase your profits, improve on your efficiencies and empower you to make more informed decisions.

The right tools can assist you with that in a way that is easy to understand and analyze. With that in mind, we would like to invite your to our free webinar to introduce you to Phocas, a leading edge BI solution, that seamlessly integrates with your existing system.

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Tags: Business Intelligence, Data, Sales Analysis, Phocas

Transform Data into Analysis with Vecta

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Cloud based and accessible from any device, Vecta for K8 converts data into actions and provides sales managers and their teams with relevant discussion points and sales prompts. Rather than wasting time scrutinising reports, Vecta for K8 lets them focus on the most profitable and revenue driving opportunities for the business.

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Tags: Business Intelligence, Data, Sales Analysis, Vecta

A Good ERP System Can Boost Your Supply Chain Management

KCS SA - Blog - A Good ERP System boost Supply Chain banner

In various industries such as retail, distribution and wholesale, the performance of supply chains are intrinsic to operational and financial success, not to mention customer happiness. To improve supply chain management, look no further than the implementation of technology-driven and industry specific ERP systems and its supply chain management benefits.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP, Data, Digital Strategy

5 Data Features that will Help Inform your Business Decisions

KCS SA - Blog - 5 Data features for business decisions banner

Having good data at the heart of your ERP solution is just the beginning - you also need to be able to easily interpret and extract information so it brings value to your business.

Get the balance right and data should provide you with all the insights you need to carry out in-depth analysis, in turn giving you the necessary tools to drive your business forward and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Tags: Cloud / SaaS, ERP, Data, Digital Strategy

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